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 Our History

"I am honored to have the outstanding commitment of Palo Alto Auxiliary's members and their many friends and supporters in the community. You help the Hospital and the children and families we serve."


-- Dr. Harvey Cohen, Former Chief of Staff, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

The Palo Alto Auxiliary was established in 1931 during the Great Depression to raise funds for convalescing children. Members engaged in such activities as creating and selling Christmas wreaths, selling fruit and flowers from their own gardens on street corners, selling pencils at the local train station, and hosting teas.


In 1932, the Auxiliary accepted a new role -- providing luncheon service at Allied Arts Guild Restaurant in Menlo Park, CA. This opportunity gave members a chance to increase charitable donations while, at the same time, to serve the community in a most creative way. Before long, volunteers were hosting such popular events as the Valentine's Day Tea, Bunny Days, Mother's Day Luncheon and Fashion Show, American Girl Doll Event, Monday Morning Bridge and the Holiday Tea. They also hosted receptions of all kinds, including weddings. All events were loved by the community and continued to thrive and sell out. Members also produced recipe cards, as well as a realm of products from the kitchen, all of which soon became the "talk of the town" and continued to fly out the door.  View Historic photos.

By 1950, due to the success of the Restaurant, the Auxiliary was able to underwrite the cost of five children and to establish a $20,000 Endowment Fund, with a second endowment completed by the mid-1950s. Since that time, the Auxiliary contributed millions of dollars to their cause, all of which was made possible by the continuing creativity, imagination, and dedication of the members who steadfastly volunteered, and continue to volunteer, their time and energy.

In 2005, the volunteers produced an award-winning and profit-making cookbook which they titled Tastes, Tales and Traditions. Filled with popular recipes from the restaurant, along with tales and traditions from a 75-year history, this cookbook has become a legacy and is destined to become a classic.

In 2007, the Palo Alto Auxiliary bid farewell to Allied Arts Guild Restaurant in order to pursue more profitable activities. Like volunteers of the past, members continue to support the hospital by devoting their attention to our projects:

  • Running the Restaurants with Heart fund-raisers

  • Marketing and selling our award-winning cookbook

  • Making cough pillows and blankets for LPCH patients

  • Developing new and innovative fund-raising activities

Our Volunteers Raise Funds To:

  • Provide for the uncompensated care of seriously ill children

  • Support the Lucile Packard Children's hospital at Stanford

  • Promote, foster and maintain the welfare of children


We invite you to join us!

(Click here for an "Application for Membership")

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