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January 23, 2022

 Dear Palo Alto Auxiliary Members,

Happy 2022 to everyone!  The Palo Alto Auxiliary’s January

General meeting was conducted on January 19, 2022, via Zoom. 

Twenty-two members participated and enjoyed an update on remod-

eling of the Foundation offices by Jeanne Berube followed by our guest

speaker, Allison Draper, Manager of Spiritual Care Services at LPCH.


The business meeting began by thanking Marilyn Anderson for her many years of service and especially for seeing our organization through these past few years of isolation and limited service to the hospital.  In spite of the barriers we faced, we contributed $26,800 to LPCH and ended the year with a bank account balance of $27,500.


The major business was presented by Nancy Larsson and June Schiller proposing a modification of leadership roles for 2022.  This modification is intended to transfer responsibility from one person to the various chairpersons as a trial to see if we can spark participation and get more people involved in the activities.  The Stanford Chapter of the National Charity League (NCL) agreed to work with us in planning, as well as providing girls and their mothers to work on projects as part of their philanthropy work.


Those present approved the proposed modifications by unanimous consent.  We are now asking all of those who were not able to attend the meeting to please respond with your questions, concerns, objections, and recommendations.  We would also like each of you to consider where you can vol-unteer your service to help us keep our organization viable and alive. Considering the fact we've faced lower fund-raising opportunities, encountered slight difficulty soliciting new members, and the limitations for supporting the hospital due to the covid conditions currently in place, in general, it feels as if we're heading in the proper direction.


Our By-Laws need review and revision. No in-person meetings will be needed for this work. Let us know if you'll help.


June and Ellen


NEW Ellen Smith_edited.png
-- juneschiller_edited_edited.png

June Schiller

Ellen Smith

Below is the slate of newly-approved Chairs and their responsibilities:


New approach for PAA

PAA Executive Committee

  • Chairpersons

  • Project Chair

  • Financial Chair

  • Membership Chair

  • Communications Chair


PAA Mission 2022

  • Recruit new Members

  • Consider collaborating with another Auxiliary or Auxiliaries

  • Continue to formalize our partnership with NCL


Chairperson’s Responsibilities - June Schiller—Ellen Smith

  • Convene the Executive Committee 4 times a year—Feb., April, July, Nov.

  • Chair all meetings of PAA—Jan., May, October

    • Plan yearly luncheon in January—Gerry Nelson

    • Plan membership meetings—Sue Alvarez

  • Serve on the Association of the Auxiliaries Committee—Four times a year
    and Presidents’ Committee—Four meetings a year

  • Communicate with members on an as-needed basis

  • Appoint two members to Endowment Committee
    —June Schiller 1 year, Nancy Larsson 2 years


Project Chair—Nancy Larsson

  • Plan all Fund-Raising Events—Appoint Chairs for each

    • Ongoing Events

      • Restaurant with Hearts—Marilyn Anderson

      • Build-a-Bear—Gerry Nelson

      • Faires at Allied Arts

      • NO Fashion Show this year due to COVID-19 issues

    • Events with NCL/ Recruitment—Nancy Larsson

      • Garden Party—Nancy Larsson

      • Nutcracker Tea


Financial Chair—Marilyn Anderson

  • Manage the Financial books including:

    • Income and billing

    • Transfer gifts to hospital

    • Report taxes 

    • Pay Sales Tax

Membership Chair—Sue Alvarez                 

  • Manage the Membership Directory

  • Directory Preparation—Stephanie Beach

  • Send out dues letters in December—Mary Koeppen

    • Collect dues and contributions

    • Deposit funds

  • Plan the membership tea or other honors for the members

Communications Chair—Sarah Beetem

  • Take Minutes for Board and General Meetings

  • Produce Newsletter—Gerry Nelson and Nancy Bronstein

  • Web Page Maintenance—Laura Schiller

  • Manage thank you letters and notes—Cathy Murphy

  • Mail all written communications to non-Email users

  • Manage all technical information—Virginia Van Kuran

    • Emails to membership

    • Eblasts

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