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Our Board

 Meet Our Board

-- juneschiller_edited.png
June Schiller

June joined PAA in 1972 working as a cook on Thursdays.


Her family included Clarke, her husband of over sixty years; two sons; two daughters-in-law; and two grandchildren.

Ellen Smith.png
Ellen Smith

Ellen joined PAA in 1980 and worked as a Tuesday server for a few years until her full-time job required her to go inactive.

-- Nancy Larsson_edited.png

Nancy Larsson
Project Chair

Nancy joined PAA in 1999. She has been the president of PAA for three years, as well as the president of the greater Association of Auxiliaries for Children from 2018-2021.

-- Marilyn Anderson_edited.png
Marilyn Anderson
Financial Chair

Marilyn joined PAA in 2007. She and her husband, Arden, have been supporters and volunteers of LPCH since a grandson had brain surgery
in 1994 and a granddaughter had a liver transplant in 1995.

-- Sueellen Alvarez_edited.png
Sueellen Alvarez
Membership Chair


-- NEW Sarah_edited.png

Sarah Beetem
Communications Chair

Having served in many Board posi-tions, Sarah is now helping PAA communicate with members and the public. She likes helping sick children as she once enjoyed helping her stu-dents. She also organizes the Silent Auction for the Summer Garden Party.

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